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ADSL Accounts

ADSL is Broadband internet access based on an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, offering you high speed access to the internet.

ADSL connectivity is currently available in 3 speeds: 384K, 512K, 4096k.

Your ADSL connectivity is broken into two payments, one to Telkom for the rental of your line and the other to the ISP for your internet access. Telkom fees are based on the speed pf the line and the ISP's prices are based on the amount of data (bandwidth) that you use per month.

Netlab offers ADSL access to customers on any speed ADSL line with monthly bandwidth packages available from 512Mb (Half a Gig) to 100 Gigs (or higher if you require). Netlab ADSL is available with no setup fee and no contract!

To migrate from Dial-up to ADSL, you need to convert your existing Telkom phone-line to an ADSL phone line. When you phone Telkom to arrange the conversion, choose the self-install option which will save you R598 and all it requires is that you plug your own modem in and do your own test to check the line is working. Once you have chosen your ADSL line speed (384K, 512K, 4096K) and Telkom have converted your line to ADSL, you can purchase an ADSL package.

Contact Netlab for further information

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